Cristina Maria Caetano
Cristina Lucia Caetano

Cristina Maria Caetano

Graduated from State University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) with a law degree, she has experience in civil, commercial, corporate law, reorganization and work-outs, civil and corporate litigation, and is also a retired Public Prosecutor at the Public Attorney's Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro. She also worked at the State's Appellate Court which gave her an extensive and objective insight of the corporate life. In addition, she was a member of the Órgão Especial do Parquet of the State of Rio de Janeiro and was for many years, one the members of the Admission Committee of the Public Attorney's Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

She participated in various conferences and conventions worldwide, as a listener and lecturer, such as Primeras Jornadas Italo-Americanas de Derecho Comparado; Asociación Argentina de Derecho Comparado Conference; La Associazione Di Studi Sociali Latino Americani Conference; Financial Market Seminar at the University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro); Congreso de la Union Iberoamericana de Colegios Y Agrupaciones de Abogados, International Comparative Law Seminar; Capital Market Seminar at the Brazilian Stock Exchange Committee.

Due to her wide expertise and knowledge, she was invited by the Spanish Government to create, along with the University of Alcalá de Henares, a research of the legislation which was in place at the time, and propose alternatives ways to modernize the Spanish financial laws and regulations in order for Spain to enter into the European Common Market duly legally updated, her work also contributed to the implementation of international law institutes not even known at that time by the Spanish legislative body.

Currently she is the senior partner at Caetano Advogados assisting with the orientation, guiding, and consulting in business law with an emphasis on corporate law, business structuring and activities, but not limited to planning and business structuring, trusts, funds and business activities in general, the process of purchase and sale of equity investments, corporate restructurings, including spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions, equity investments in venture capital, startups and private equity, and liquidations and bankruptcies of companies.

Furthermore she is a licensed independent investment broker authorized by the Brazilian Stock Exchange Commission which gives her extensive comprehension of the financial market and its typical operations.

English: Fluent
French: Fluent
Spanish: Fluent
Italian: Fluent
German: Fluent